Social & Emotional learning, literacy, diversity, cultural sensitivity and positive behavior all rest on Cloud9World.

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Cloud9World Builds

  • Recognition of character strengths in self and others
  • Empathy for others
  • Self-efficacy in decision-making
  • Positive collaboration and social interactions
  • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • Positive behaviors (what I do) as part of embracing character strengths (who I am)
  • Expression and application of character strengths at school, home, and in community
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Our Methodology

People are social emotional beings. Their experiences and connections change behavior. For this reason, social-emotional learning that encourages positive behaviors is most effective through experiential learning.

The Cloud9World program is much more than a character education program. It is unique in that it was borne out of several schools of thought. Student books are built on a social constructivist approach that embraces positive character strengths. Since students learn character strengths from animals (more like their peers) rather than adults, the program’s tone is positive, inviting, and less intrusive than many character education programs. Through the story format and patterns of their own social-emotional behavior, children are able to construct and apply a very practical view of each character strength at school, in the community, and at home.

A touch of positive behavior support promotes excitement and motivation throughout the program, challenging students intrinsically and extrinsically by recognizing application of character strengths throughout the day. Perhaps the greatest strength of the program, however, lies in its direct instruction through literacy, discussion and experimentation in recognizing and applying new character strengths.

A social constructivist approach is easily recognizable in the lesson plans and curriculum components. Rather than being told what to experience, the activities encourage children to experience the character strength, express themselves as they embrace the character strength, and then apply the strength to other areas of their lives. Children are challenged to apply a real-world understanding of the character strength through role play, decision-making, projects, presentations, and more. The program appeals to children’s social nature as they experience and identify many of these character strengths for the first time.

Flexible lesson plans allow teachers to easily personalize and differentiate lessons with little or no preparation.

Our Strengths

Schools may choose from 30 strengths, or one per month over three years, thus developing well-rounded children.

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21st Century Strengths

At Cloud9World, we believe that 21st Century learners need to be prepared for the rigor of learning and career with more than academics. Students can be their best when they are socially and emotionally prepared to interact with a fast-paced, dynamic, and global society, working with people from all backgrounds and cultures to invent the future. These 21st Century social-emotional skills move students beyond traditional character strengths to strengths and practices that are required of them as effective 21st Century learners.

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Middle School Strengths

At Cloud9World, we believe middle school students need opportunities to learn about character strengths, the benefits and costs of adopting them in life, both in school and the future work place. Prepare your middle school students with books that promote social-emotional learning as well as literacy, problem-solving, and decision-making. Students gain an in-depth understanding of each character strength through an example/non-example approach. They are able to weigh in to benefits and costs regarding adoption of each character strength in addition to real-life scenario completion.

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Our Books

Our books feature animal role models exhibiting a positive, inviting tone. The story format delivers a practical view of social-emotional behavior in school, at home and in the community. Students don’t just read it or hear it. They experience it. They explore, internalize, reflect and celebrate.

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Cultural Diversity

The storybooks take place in different parts of the world, igniting teachable moments about diversity, various customs, expansive geography and multiple languages.

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Home Connection

Cloud9World curriculum includes a strong home extension supporting each character strength book. It is easily printed, offers a menu of engaging home activities, and is designed to complete and return to school. As students engage in the Cloud9World program, motivation is heightened with a variety of extras students can earn through character strength adoption.