7 Reasons to Choose Cloud9World

1. SEL

Character development supports social-emotional learning from a person's core. More than a set of habits or scripted & practices behaviors, character development impacts beliefs and Values for greater lasting social-emotional competency impact.

2. Literacy

Promote a love of reading and literacy through SEL competency development. Children & teens learn from stories. They recognize themselves in non-judgmental characters, a variety of settings, and in relatable situations. Stories decrease personal anxiety about important topics and provide positive decision-making role models.

3. Climate

Watch the climate of your school and classroom change as the focus of social-emotional learning shifts to concrete animal friends and relatable children of similar ages from diverse countries. SEL comes alive with Cloud9World story characters and their experiences providing students with renewed hope and portable strategies for their own lives. Positive school climates soar when everyone learns and practices common character strengths together!

4. Family Engagement

Engage families at a new level by empowering children to share books with their parents. Parents enjoy books, Home Connection activities, parent videos, and the TV show to help them reinforce desirable character in their children at home.

5. Community Engagement

Engage the community by celebrating social-emotional learning, characters, and applied solutions through project-based learning, applied activities, marches, and artwork. Cloud9World lesson plans provide and promote many opportunities to include the community through applied learning experiences.

6. Cultural Diversity

Expose children and parents to a variety of characters and settings around the world through C9W books. Each story has been carefully researched for accurate descriptions, illustrations, and cultural norms as part of the story lines. Readers can identify with common struggles, feelings, emotions, and solutions with others their ages around the globe. Cloud9World is also used around the globe, providing opportunities through the C9W website to see how others use C9W curriculum.

7. Customization

Provide your teachers, students, and parents with a social-emotions and academic solution that is customizable to their specific needs. Use the C9W SEL Competency Indicator and your current school or district data to determine which character strengths are your best starting points. Customize your solution for to meet the needs of ALL students (Tier 1), as well as provide extra practice for those needing more support (Tiers 2 and 3).

Prepare your students to be positive contributors in their homes, schools, and communities by providing them with character strength understanding, development and practice with characters they will adore and embrace.