Start Your Day with a Morning Meeting Nugget with Cloud9World!

SEL Tip of the day: Be a good listener.

One of the most important and often overlooked times of the school day is the very beginning of the day. Many schools have a news crew that brings the school body a set of brief morning announcements. Some schools use this time as extended homeroom for building greater connections and discussions. Other teachers engage with students in morning meetings in their classrooms. Your purchase of Cloud9World's eLearning platform gives you access to a month's worth of morning thoughts related to each character strength. This means your school starts the day with a new engaging message.

Morning meetings capture student voices, set goals for the day, reestablish behavior expectations, and allow students to check in with the teacher every morning.

Morning announcements/morning meeting topics is just another way Cloud9World meets the content and curriculum needs of your staff and students to make your Cloud9World implementation powerful and seamless!

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