E-Learning Platform

Cloud9World's comprehensive eLearning platform combines a plethora of valued social-emotional content along with a load of digital and printable support materials, videos, cartoons, and interactive games that engage students in adopting character strengths that enable growth and behavior changes. A digital strength indicator guides school and district leaders in customizing their own SEL solution to match the needs of their students. Complete with a robust data reporting system, teachers can track student progress and overall SEL growth through a variety of metrics. Cloud9World’s NEW ePlatform increases teacher resource options, program flexibility, and student engagement through:

  • Leveled Digital Books
  • Universal Screener: Social-Emotional Competency Indicator (SECI)
  • Monthly Online Assessments
  • Family & Video Books
  • High Level Animated Videos
  • High Level Text-to-Speech Books
  • High Level Multi-level Printable Curriculum
  • Online Games
  • Printable Games and Worksheets
  • Professional Interactive Teacher Tools (for virtual & in-class instruction)
  • Interactive Intervention Tools
  • Program Schoolwide Resources