Five Reasons to support reading literacy with Cloud9World:

1. Global setting and cultural diversity exposure

The best readers have had exposure to a variety of cultures and experiences. Cloud9World stories take readers around the globe to experience a different country and culture in every story. Through a wide variety of settings, students develop a cultural awareness, sensitivity, and appreciation of children in countries around the world. Through exposure to a variety of cultures, global settings, and experiences in those settings, children recognize similarities and honor differences between themselves and their diverse peers.

2. Identification with characters

Identification with characters increases comprehension and the ability to internalize and apply life lessons. Children identify with children much like themselves and talking animals in every story. They find it easy to relate to characters’ challenges and emotions. A lovable animal that embodies a specific character strength in each story shares words of wisdom to encourage children to adopt and develop the character strength in a non-threatening manner.

3. Enhanced vocabulary acquisition

Vocabulary acquisition is one of the building blocks of reading. Cloud9World’s use of high-level vocabulary in a relatable story context allows children to stretch vocabulary acquisition beyond typical grade level vocabulary. Story context and visual illustrations allow even challenged readers to quickly internalize new vocabulary.

4. Reading skill driven comprehension activities

Explicitly taught reading comprehension skills result in greater comprehension. Cloud9World’s Beyond the Book lesson plans contain activities related to 1-2 primary reading comprehension skills embedded within each story. Reading comprehension skills, such as sequence of events, main idea and supporting details, tone, and author’s point of view, are taught and reinforced in context.

5. Collaborative reading experience

Reading together at school and at home results in shared experiences that reinforce good reading habits. Cloud9World’s Beyond the Book lesson plans further support peer collaboration, comprehension, and application of character strengths and literacy skills through a flexible menu of cross-curriculum classroom activities. In addition, Cloud9World provides each student with a book every month to take home and keep at home to share with family and friends. Reading at home together encourages family bonding and spurs a love for reading.

Prepare your students to be positive contributors in their homes, schools, and communities by providing them with character strength understanding, development and practice with characters they will adore and embrace.