So much more than an SEL program for high school students, CONNECTIONS utilizes student voice and choice to support students in embracing vital social-emotional skills that encourage their success in careers, personal relationships, and in life. Flexible lesson plans of a variety of activities, videos of inspiration, and an engaging eMagazine enable students to explore important strengths such as resilience, leadership, communication, equity, service, mattering, diversity, and many more! The program utilizes a variety of key tools to enable smooth integration of SEL.

Research Behind the Middle School Core

Middle school students require a more analytical approach to social-emotional learning. Exploring the advantages and disadvantages to adopting a character strength and related behaviors in one’s life is developmentally appropriate & challenging for middle school students. Research suggests that middle school students often learn best collaborating with peers, participating in active role play or discussion, Research supports the fact that continuous, purposeful, and systematic social-emotional learning instruction provides many positive outcomes, including skills valuable for college & career readiness.

Employers cite the following skills as essential to success in the workplace:

  • Problem-Solving & Collaboration
  • Leadership, Empathy & Ethics
  • Research Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Communication

Research also supports a link between social-emotional learning skills and character.

Cloud9World offers a plethora of online resources for schools implementing this product to create a schoolwide cultural shift. Videos, games, morning announcements, books, and curriculum all add to the schoolwide focus on a single strength throughout the month. The monthly parent newsletter provides parents with helpful tips in helping their teens to build social-emotional skills.

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development for Connections is available via web meetings. Contact Cloud9World to schedule on-site professional learning. As part of the training, teachers will examine each of the High School product components and how they can be implemented to increase social-emotional, and academic learning.