Our Books

Our books feature animal role models exhibiting a positive, inviting tone. The story format delivers a practical view of social-emotional behavior in school, at home and in the community. Students don’t just read it or hear it. They experience it. They explore, internalize, reflect and celebrate. They relate to the animals as children tend to do naturally, finding true heroes to model and opportunities to take action. The animals present global, non-denominational human values and the importance of living by them.

Cristi and Boosa The Butterfly

A young lady named Cristi needs eyeglasses; but she is reluctant to wear the framed ones that her family is able to afford. The appearance of BOOSA, a beautiful butterfly, shows her how important and enriching ACCEPTANCE is for all of us.


Reggie and Ecco the Eagle

Reggie visits a nearby lake and is surprised by the amount of garbage he sees in the water. Following the example of his dad, an exemplary citizen, he gathers a group of volunteers to clean the area. He meets ECCO the eagle, who expresses his frustration about the filth in the park and thanks Reggie for cleaning the area and for his CITIZENSHIP.

Simon and Pepe the Pinguin

After Simon is elected president of the student council at his school, he realizes how much work this position will require of him. He is determined to quit until he listens to PEPE and Penny’s story and the COMMITTMENT required of them for their offspring to survive.

Judy, Joe and Gina the Gorilla

Two cousins, Joe and Judy, meet GINA, a lovely and wise gorilla. The children learn how to show love and understanding for their aging grandfather in a marvelous tale of COMPASSION.

Manuela and Harry the Horse

Manuela is a shy but strong little girl from Texas. She acquires and understands CONFIDENCE through her friendship with a great horse called HARRY.

Patty and Alegra the Ant

In the lush Caribbean Island of Grenada lives a young girl named Patty. After a strong storm damages her neighborhood, Patty learns from ALEGRA the ant the wonderful results that can be achieved when the community COOPERATES to help in the clean up and reconstruction of their homes.

Seth and Leo The Lion

Seth is a serious and nice boy but he has no idea just how strong and brave he really is. When he meets LEO, a fierce and huge lion, he finds all his STRENGTH and enriches his life as well as those around him.


Lorenz and Lalita the Lizard

Little Lorenz lives in Jaipur. She wishes to be part of her school newspaper. Through her encounter with a bright green lizard named LALITA, she taps into her CREATIVITY, allowing her to write a wonderful essay. This earns her a position on the school newspaper staff.

Martina and Champ the Cheetah

Martina is a young girl who is out of shape. She encounters a very powerful Cheetah named CHAMP. By listening to his counsel about focus and DETERMINATION, along with good eating and exercise habits, Martina finds the strength to change her lifestyle.

Yutu and Munchee the Moose

A sad accident shatters the friendship between Nanuk and Yutu, both sled racers and life-long pals. Through the invaluable friendship and advise of a sweet and loving Moose named MUNCHEE, Nanuk learns FORGIVENESS through understanding and love.

Brigitte and Clara the Cow

The trust and friendship between Brigitte, a little farm girl, and CLARA the cow teaches us the strong and marvelous force of GENEROSITY.

Paco, Talula and Sean the Swan

Sisters Paco and Talula meet SEAN, a gentle and well-mannered swan. While helping the children with their capsized canoe, SEAN seizes the opportunity to teach them about GENTLENESS and the importance of always being well mannered.

Andrea and Libby the Ladybug

Little Andrea lives in a lovely farm. One day she meets LIBBY, a vivacious ladybug. Together they learn how to share, enjoy life and be GRATEFUL for its many gifts.

Kikkae and Helen the Hippopotamus

From the middle of Africa in Zambia, a little boy named Kikkae meets HELEN, a sweet hippo. She teaches Kikkae about truth and the nature and value of HONESTY.

Nu’man and Karim the Camel

From far away Jordan, we meet Nu’man, a little boy who loves his camel, KARIM. They discuss HUMBLENESS and its precious gifts in regards to life around us and how it enriches our experiences in the world.

Olivia and Max the Monkey

Olivia is a girl from naturally beautiful Costa Rica and she loves to laugh. She becomes a good friend to MAX, a very smart little monkey. Their relationship explores the power and lovely force of HUMOR in our lives.

Candice and Zetta the Zebra

In Kazan, Russia, a mother encourages her daughters to be great tennis players. The three girls work hard, but Candice is not happy with this choice and dreams about being a dancer. Through a chance meeting with a lovely Zebra named ZETTA, she realizes that each person should celebrate their INDIVIDUALITY. She is pleasantly surprised when she finds support and understanding from her family to become a dancer instead.

Julia And Jade The Giraffe

In the middle of a big city, a young girl named Julia, who has a disability, becomes a friend of a gigantic and lovely giraffe named JADE. They travel and explore a magic island while having heaps of fun. Among a huge party of friendly animals, they discover the value of INTEGRITY.


Phillip and Danny the dolphin

Out of the sorrow for the loss of a beloved pet, Phillip, a little boy who lives by the sea, becomes friends with DANNY, a feisty dolphin. He learns the value of JOYFULNESS and gratitude for all the shared gifts of life.

Emi and Ella The Elephant

Emi is having some growing problems with her big sister Natalie. When she meets a gigantic and friendly elephant named ELLA, they have some enlightening conversations. Emi finds out that ELLA has traveled very far just to tell her about the power of KINDNESS in all of our lives.


Nikki And Beatrice The Bear

A big and cuddly bear named BEATRICE saves Nikki from a raging river. BEATRICE teaches Nikki about caring for others, LOVE and kindness.


Klauss and The Loyal Puppies

Klauss stands by his best friend Bruno. Together they work toward common goals and Klauss learns a great lesson on LOYALTY from his three little dogs- SNOWBIE, SPIKE and GINGER.


Alexander and Hanna the Hummingbird

Alexander lives in lovely California and finds himself quite angry at his Mom when she cannot keep a promise due to her job schedule. In a rather childish manner, he throws a tantrum. He is very lucky that a tiny hummingbird named HANNA teaches him all about PATIENCE and its value in all our lives.

Herman And Bolivar The Beaver

A young fellow named Herman loves to play baseball. He becomes the pal of a sassy and clever beaver named BOLIVAR. Out of their conversations and friendship, Herman learns the value of PERSEVERANCE.


Cayee and Tetsuo the Turtle

In Japan, a smart little girl named Cayee saves a turtle named TETSUO. The turtle will teach her RESPECT for all animals and nature and how to assume responsibility for their preservation.

Dishi and Sammy the Squirrel

A little boy named Dishi spends too much time playing on his computer and video games. His mother is very worried and angry about his poor grades. SAMMY, a tiny friendly squirrel, shows him how to improve his study habits by centering on what is most important. With a change in attitude, Dishi takes RESPONSIBILITY for his actions and his grades improve tremendously.

Luan and Skipper the Seahorse

Luan is an avid snorkeler. While exploring the coral reef, he receives a lesson on SELF-CONTROL from his favorite creature of the sea, SKIPPER the Seahorse. SKIPPER surprises Luan with a lesson he plans to remember for the rest of his life.

Reece and Soni the Seal

Reece’s dad, a journalist, is taking him to Olso to the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony. Before traveling, Reece meets SONI the seal and expresses how he is dreading the trip. Traveling in a tight car to the city and meeting children from other parts of the world is not his idea of a fun time. During the trip, Reece learns how TOLERANCE can bring peace to him and others.

Rosie and Rafi the Rabbit

Rosie’s dad owns a windmill in Holland. She develops a lovely friendship with RAFI the rabbit. From RAFI and his family, she learns the importance of UNITY and the power of functioning as a group.

Ampi and Otto the Owl

Ampi is filled with fear and insecurity due to all sorts of imaginary monsters. Her meeting of a very wise Owl named OTTO allows her to overcome her fears, learning that the darkness of night carries great beauty and serenity. She gains the WISDOM that monsters, ghosts and witches do not exist. OTTO wisely points out to Ampi’s brother that dangers that do exist on the internet and we must make safe and smart choices.

Social and emotional learning, literacy, diversity, cultural sensitivity and positive behavior all reside on Cloud9. Our books:

  • Connect character strength with an animal and its strength.
  • Appeal to the social nature of children.
  • Invite students to think through challenges with proactive solutions.
  • Use animals to teach real solutions to challenges as a way to overcome difficulties.
  • Allow children to view cause and effect patterns by applying their character strength knowledge.
  • Build self-efficacy and self-confidence in students as they utilize the tools and strengths. Story format allows character strengths to become personal and “normal” (animals possess them, so why shouldn’t I?).
  • Are less intrusive and more impactful since the child learns from an animal (seen as a peer) rather than an adult.
  • Are positive and inviting rather than “preachy”.