Independent research studies have been conducted using Cloud9World materials in several different countries, including several in the United States. Results of these studies highlight evidence of the following:

  • Increased student achievement in literacy.
  • Increased understanding and application of introduced character strengths.
  • Decreased behavior incidents.
  • Improved positive school climate.
  • Increased parent engagement through reading books at home.

Evaluation of the Program Cloud9World in Public and Private Primary Schools: Mexico City and Ecatepec, State of Mexico September 2017

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Impact of the implementation of a character strength focused, literacy-based initiative on literacy achievement in high poverty public elementary school 2020

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Research Behind our Programs

Research Behind Let’s Learn About Emotions with Kiwi

The Let’s Learn about Emotions with Kiwi is based on Robert Plutchkin’s research of the origin of emotions which humans share at birth. Learning to recognize and self-regulate these emotions starts at a young age and can last through adulthood.

Research Behind the Elementary Core and the 21st Century Program

Research supports the fact that continuous, purposeful, and systematic instruction related to character education and wellness provides many positive outcomes:

  • Increased attendance, grades, and graduation rates.
  • Decreased frequency and seriousness of negative behavior incidents.
  • Increased positive relationships.

Research also supports a link between resilience and character education.

Research Behind Building Great Citizens

Research supports the fact that character education provides many positive outcomes, including skills essential to building resilient citizens who in turn create strong and supportive communities. According to research, students who contribute positively to their families and communities often have an increased sense of belonging and greater efficacy.

Research Behind the Middle School Core

Middle school students require a more analytical approach to resilience through character education and wellness. Research suggests that middle school students often learn best collaborating with peers, participating in active role play or discussion. Employers cite the following skills as essential to success in the workplace:

  • Problem-Solving and Collaboration
  • Leadership, Empathy and Ethics
  • Research Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Communication
Research Behind the High School Core

High school students have specific needs related to their development in preparation for college and career and connecting with colleagues and community members beyond their families and friends. Their ability to connect and collaborate with others is essential to their success in life.