HOT NEW Elementary Cognitive Character Strengths are Here

The development of cognitive skills underlies the efficient development of a variety of essential thinking skills such as understanding relationships between ideas, cause and effect relationships, critical thinking and analysis, basic academic skills, and problem-solving. Cognitive skills enable students the ability to focus, adapt, and connect knowledge learned through their senses and basic academic skills. Cognitive skill development leads to better judgement in decision making, strength in the face of peer pressure, greater independence, an increased sense of purpose, and the ability to make solid choices in all areas of life.

Explore the world of cognitive strengths, essential skills for maximum performance in every subject area. These monthly eMagazines are especially designed for elementary students to gain a clear understanding of cognitive skills that lead to academic and personal relationship success. Cognitive skills such as adaptability, effort, purpose, order, and tenacity help children to discover strategies to help them recognize and develop these skills.

Every eMagazine (written at multiple reading levels) includes a variety of short non-fiction articles, Neural News (an applicable brain research nugget), a mini self-assessment, and a short application story and animal feature to support their understanding of the cognitive strength in action.

A complete lesson plan, printable worksheets, videos, digital games, practice role plays, and an array of assessments accompany each month's cognitive strength.