Elementary Programs

Building social-emotional skills through character strength development empowers children to increase their own self-awareness and self-management skills.

Through character strength development, children also build an awareness of others, increase relationship skills, and make responsible decisions.

Character Starts From the Core!

After children have learned self-regulation skills, they are able to build a core of character and social-emotional learning skills that will help them build healthy relationships and solve problems throughout their lives.

Preparing Students for success

When students have built a character core, these character strengths work together to support the development of 21st Century strengths, such as leadership, resiliency, mindfulness, and innovation. 21st Century skills are strengths most employers have identified as essential to be college and career ready in today’s world and in the future workplace.

Promoting a Positive Personal Response to Citizenship and Community Responsibilities/Needs.

When students have built a character core and developed 21st Century skills for success, they are on their way to becoming great citizens, ready to give back to the community. Continuous, purposeful, and systematic social-emotional learning instruction provides many positive outcomes, including skills essential to building great citizens who, in turn, create strong and supportive communities. According to research, students who contribute positively to their families and communities often have an increased sense of belonging and greater efficacy.

Supporting Student Learning Habits

The development of cognitive skills underlies the efficient development of a variety of essential thinking skills such as understanding relationships between ideas, cause and effect relationships, critical thinking and analysis, basic academic skills, and problem-solving. Cognitive skills development leads to better judgement in decision making, strength in the face of peer pressure, greater independence, an increased sense of purpose, and the ability to make solid choices in all areas of life.